The essential checklist of items to include in an outdoor first aid kit

If you are someone who is headed outdoors for a vacation or a short camping trip, then it is very important to pack in a first aid kit and have some knowledge of CPR and first aid.  Nursing assistance can prove useful on trips and vacations when there is no immediate medical help available. This is even more important for mountain climbers, hikers, bikers and travelers.  There are many CPR AND first aid training and coaching programs available which can help you gain basic knowledge of quick first aid in emergency situations. The following is an essential checklist of items to include in an outdoor first aid kit:
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  • To offer nursing assistant to someone else or yourself, you will first need to pack in 3-4 sterile gauze pads which are 4 by 4 inch in size.
  • It is better to have rolls of 4 inch wide sterile gauze also with you in the first aid kit for outdoors.
  • You will also need to carry with you butterfly bandages, triangle bandages and some large sized band-aids in order to offer first aid to injuries and wounds.
  • You must also have 1 roll of athletic tape in the first aid kit.
  • For nose bleeds and to clean up blood coming out of wounds, you must also have wrapped sanitary napkins.
  • For giving CPR, you must also have microshield with you.
  • A small bottle of tincture of benzoin for cleansing wounds and 1 tube of Neosporin will also be required.
  • 2 safety pins, 1 elastic wrap and 1 piece of moleskin will also be required for an outdoor first aid kit.
  • It is important to carry atleast 10 painkillers such as aspirin or Tylenol.
  • Antihistamine tablets like Benadryl also prove to be useful when heading outdoors.
  • 1 pair of scissors along with tweezers should also be present in a first aid kit to offer nursing assistant.
  • 2 pair of rubber gloves and 1 60 cc syringe will also prove to be of great use.
  • Besides the above mentioned items, some other additional which you may consider carrying include a snake bite extractor, charcoal suspension, a water based burn ointment and Sam splint.
It is important to be prepared with these items but one must also know how to use each one of them properly and this is only possible by taking either a full fledged or a short term CPR and first aid training course. There is no dearth of institutes offering such courses in your neighborhood but it is important to choose one carefully. Always check for the reputation, reviews and experience of such institutes and also check and compare the course training costs. If you are someone who is looking to learn the basics of first aid or CPR in northern Virginia, then you can log on to .

Top Reasons for Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

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Certified nursing assistants Fairfax VA provide basic nursing duties for those patients who are unable to take care of themselves either temporarily or permanently.  The duties of CNA can greatly vary depending upon the particular person they are in charge of or the exact distinction that they are in. the job is demanding but there are more than enough reasons to choose this field of work and become a certified nursing assistant.

The following are the top ones:

Emotional rewarding career
The career in the field of nursing can be very rewarding emotionally.  A person who is in this field has to care for people and be compassionate towards them. By helping people out and helping them pursue things they couldn’t have done without your help; the emotional rewards are just beyond expectations. At the end of each day, you can be left with a lingering feeling of satisfaction at having done your bit for someone.  This career helps to develop long term relationships and close bonds with people.

Exposure to other health related careers
CNAs work closely with people from other health related field such as licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses.  This means that you get a chance to watch them on a daily basis and get to understand their work which helps to plan your career ahead. By opting for this career, you can also further get a CPR  first aid certification in Front Royal VA which can be a further add on in your career in the field of health services. There are many other short term certifications that you can take.

Prerequisite for entry into a nursing program
The CNA certification is a prerequisite for entering into the field of any other nursing program and this is another reason to get into this field.  This experience can prepare students for the kind of work that is needed from nursing students for further ahead in the career.

Affordable training
Another reason to opt for the field of CNA certification is that this program is very inexpensive when compared to several other courses in the health industry.  Also many employers train candidates for free and this further adds to the affordability of the training of this kind of course.

Short training program
Another useful reason why one must opt for Certified nursing assistant training is that the training program is of relatively shorter length of time includes atleast 75 hours of training to satisfy the federal government.  May be the difference may be from state to state but more or less, the training period is shorter.

Flexible schedules
Flexible schedules is another very important reason and convincing argument for entering the field of CNA.  CNAs can opt to work on weekends or devote few hours in the day for care of the patient.

If you are interested in getting CNA training in Front Royal VA or Fairfax VA, then you can visit First Nursing Academy and pick from the various certifications or training programs that this academy offers.